quality assurance - PERFORMANCE testing


QA training will be delivered by Syed, who has 10 years of experience delivering performance testing solutions to a number of fortune 500 clients like Wells Fargo, Priceline.com, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Washington Mutual, Department of Education etc. He has trained many students who are successfully pursuing a career in performance testing.


A bachelors or master’s degree in IT or Engineering, along with basic programming experience in any programming language. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.



Section 1: Basic Performance Testing

  1. Course Outline
  2. Introduction to Systems Architecture
  3. Introduction to performance testing
  4. Installation & Setup
  5. Basic Web Scripting
  6. Scenario Execution and Analysis

Section 2: Advanced Scripting

  1. Parameterization
  2. Correlation
  3. Checkpoints
  4. Output Enhancements
  5. Actions and Transactions
  6. Advanced Runtime settings
  7. Logic Enhancements

Section 3: Advanced Test Execution

  1. Install controller
  2. Planning complex scenarios
  3. Scenarios and Settings
  4. Test Execution

Section 4: Advanced Analysis

  1. Options and Settings
  2. Creating Reports

Section 5: Performance Test Planning & Architecture

  1. Real life examples
  2. Performance test plan

Section 6: Other test tools

  1. Performance Center
  2. Quality Center
  3. QTP

Section 7: Programming for LoadRunner

  1. Programming and applications in LR scripting