.NET Developer

In this course, you will learn all you need to begin your journey to become a .NET developer.

Design and implement .NET web and Windows applications

  • Write object-oriented logic using C# and Visual Basic (classes and libraries)

  • Our training includes C# Programming, SQL Server Programming, ADO.Net Concepts and ASP.Net Concepts for thorough understanding of .NET technology.

  • The theoretical and practical knowledge on Microsoft Dot Net will give you the confidence to develop software projects and excel at your job as a .Net Developer.

Program Highlights:

  • Using Visual Studio to create C# applications

  • Working with .NET collections

  • Using LINQ to make queries

  • Creating desktop-based applications

  • Deploying .NET applications

  • Accessing and displaying data using ADO.NET

  • Creating ASP.NET form-based applications

  • Using HTML server controls, Web controls and validation controls on a Web page

  • Architecture of ASP.NET MVC web applications

  • Using Visual Studio to create Internet and Intranet applications

  • Securing and deploying ASP.NET MVC web applications

  • Building Responsive Applications Using Bootstrap

  • Working with the Entity Framework

  • Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC, Web API and AngularJS

  • Designing object-oriented applications that use class hierarchies

  • Implementing user-defined classes

  • Using .NET collections to manage data

  • Creating multithreaded applications