OPT Unemployment Period

If you are looking to change from F1 to H-1B, it is important that you comply with the USCIS rules that set limits on the total days of unemployment during a period of authorized OPT. We see that a lot of OPT students that join us have a confusion on these rules, so here is a summary.

  • During your initial 12-month OPT, you are allowed a maximum of 90 days of unemployment.
  • If you get a STEM extension of 17 months, you will get an additional 30 days of unemployment for a total of 120 days over their entire post-completion OPT period (12 + 17 months).
  • Employment means you have to work for atleast 20 hrs a week.
  • All the days that you are not employed (including the weekends/holidays during this period of unemployment) will count towards your quota.
  • All employment will have to be thru a E-verified employer. 

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